Can’t I Just Play Meh Music?!

     Hello, all. For those of you who don’t know me well enough yet, I love music. Most importantly, I love music that sets me in the mood for WoW. As for genre, rock/metal/classical. That’s all you need.

About 4 weeks ago, I started looking up add-ons that would play music from my computer while I’m playing WoW. Eventually I found one that seemed good. I downloaded it, put it in addons, etc. So I started WoW, got to the char. select screen, search addons, and found it to be *out of date*. After all that time it was out of date?! Then I went back to Curse. It was all good, because I found another addon. Too bad it was out of date as well! (Here’s a tip: at this point, I’m looking for in-game bunny’s to kill. Seeing as how I was in SW, I eventually just started picking flowers like I do in real life… Yes, I torture grass.) I give up!

So I decided to search Google about a week later. I’m looking, and looking, and looking, and finally I find it! *WoW musicplayer” ( Lovely enough, it just happens to be from Curse. So I install it, get into my angry warrior character, and look for it. I can’t find it. *Sadness…* So I check the readme, and it tells me I need to add songs to the addon folder! I think to myself that it’s only reasonable. So I make a nice long list of songs for musicplayer and add them to the specified folder. I get back to my warrior, and play my songs. The first song, great! It was a lovely rendition of “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. Musicplayer then trys to play “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath. No good. Phailure. I think, “it’s just a glitch. One time thing. No prob! It’s cool!” So it try’s to play “Only” by Nine Inch Nails. Epic Phailure! Musicplayer Phails again! Rawr!

After close examination, I discover that Musicplayer can only play .mp3 format, due to structure and such of WoW. *”Okay! That shouldn’t be hard! I’ll just download a format converter!”* I find some. Eventually I find a working one! XD I use it on my non .mp3 songs, re-save them to the directory, and go on with my rock. This time I get on my rogue. I would say he’s special because he doesn’t like to be in the lime-light. He doesn’t try bringing a lot of attention to himself, (unlike my warrior…) and is always quite polite when performing a Backstab>>>>Eviscerate. I try another song; “Ironman” by Sabbath. It plays the song. I’m happy! Except, for the part that IT LOOPS! Now I’m confused. Did I just download the song wrong? Oh well. Check another song! I try “The Hand That Feeds” by Nin again. Its just too much! random bits of the song are scattered, parts loop. Imagine taking a Cd, “cleaning” it with steel wool, wiping it with gravel, and and playing it with your bicycle tires. Yep! I’m to the point where I turn off my computer, and actually go to bed. The next day, I delete the converter and play WoW with Windows Media Player in the background. Oh well, I guess you can’t always have it your way.


~ by poperp98 on April 3, 2008.

15 Responses to “Can’t I Just Play Meh Music?!”

  1. That’s what I do – except that I use winamp (WMP sucks!) and I control the player with my multimedia keyboard controls ;D

  2. Probably would be easier. Actually, I think I will do that. I do like one thing about the addon. It lets me type /ann song to display what song I’m listening to to a specific channel. It’s on a macro sent to my guild. It’s not as if it’s important, but rather… convenient!

  3. I’ve found that if any converter tries to convert from a wma file, it ends up sounding like you left your cd in the microwave too long. I don’t think its bad coding, I’m pretty sure the creators just put it in there so once you rip it to wma your stuck with it. (paying the royalties) Yet another bitch move from Microsoft…

  4. Hey bro. I just use my MusicMatch Jukebox. Load up a bunch of songs and mute the ingame audio. It’s nice and compact too.

  5. Luflz eggburt.

    Good idea Belv, I’ll check it out.

  6. Hey man, I use the addon MusicPlayer, it work well with me! But it’s like eggburt said, you have to use .mp3!
    Or use Nero Wave Editor to convert! I generally open the .WMA flie, then I use save as and select .MP3, it generally works fine for me!!

  7. Dude….
    That story was AWESOME!!!!!!
    I enjoyed reading it!!


  8. what u should do is just turn the music off in wow then play ur like i tunes or something like that
    its what i do and it works fine

  9. I tried to get ingame music working with a few mods too. All of them require the mp3’s to be within the wow directory. this is a major pain. Either you need to dupe your music into the wow folder, or you can use folder link to link the folders. But this is risky and could make you lose your music if you are not careful. Eventually I gave up and just winamped it. It’s a shame Blizzard don’t consider making a proper media player that would be built into the wow client itself. Considering the amount of time playing wow tends to be, it would be good to listen to music other than that dramatic stuff that’s ingame 🙂

  10. I agree. That would be nice.

    What I do is load up a bunch of songs on MusicMatch Jukebox and just minimize it while the game is playing. No in-game interface but it serves the purpose.

  11. give this a try:

    Its called soundtrack and you can do all kinds of spiffy things, yes I said spiffy 😉

  12. I use winamp and you don’t need keyboard multimedia controls. you can set it in global controls. so then u can change song, volume, pause or stop etc. in game.

  13. yeh i downloaded musicplayer

    and i did everythin and then it said some stuff about framework error so yeh ill just stick with the itunes

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